Testimonials - References

my number one recommendation

Using the DOGMA slow feed bowl is my number one recommendation for dogs that eat too fast. The DOGMA slow feed bowl is the only non-surgical manner I know of reducing the chance of GDV in your dog.

Dr. Ross Kennedy-Smith BVSc

mealtime is a pleasure

I have been using the new DOGMA Slow Feed Bowl on all eight of my own dogs with great success. The competition at feeding time, which is twice a day is extremely intense and food gets gobbled up in no time. The first finished runs to the slower feeders and harrasses them. Gagging and laryngeal spasms had been a common phenomena. Since using the DOGMA Slow Feed Bowl mealtime is a pleasure. They finish their meals MUCH slower and more equally, so no altercations between dogs. Also no more gagging and laryngeal spasms. What a pleasure. It is so much healthier to eat slower, chew their food for longer, breaking it into smaller pieces – referred to as mastication- and consequently promote better digestion thereof, just as it works for us!

Dr. Georgina du Plessis
Veterinarian since 1987