My latest design is the DOGMA semi-precious stone bowl. These bowls were designed to energize the water in the bowl, helping to cleanse and detox the kidneys, liver and blood, thereby revitalizing your four-legged friend. The stones are all from Southern African regions. Made from transparent polycarbonate material these bowls are not only very beautiful but also durable, food bowl allergy-free and non-toxic.

How it started: The drinking water for my family is in a large water jug, which is partially filled with semi-precious stones. The stones are energizing the water. I wanted to have this source of healthy water for my pets too. Discussing it with Paul, the manufacturer of all DOGMA bowls; we came up with the idea to use a separate compartment at the bottom of our bowls, which would be filled with specially treated water and stones. But it had to be transparent for the water in the bowl to get the benefit of the stones. I am very thrilled with the finished product.

  • separate compartment filled with Semiprecious stones
  • capacity of 1 liter of water
  • for dogs from 2 to 100 kg
  • made from transparent polycarbonate material - food bowl allergy-free and non-toxic
  • locally made in South Africa and 100% environmentally friendly