Is your dog constantly bloated, gagging, vomiting and vacuuming up his or her food in seconds? Are you tired of spending hundreds if not thousands of Rands at the Vet?

We have the solution to your problem.

The slow feeding bowls have been designed by a German trained holistic Vet, Malaika Lenz, the bowl’s purpose is to control the dog’s eating pace and to combat GDV and laryngeal spasms without your best friend having to go for surgery. They come highly recommended by Vets nationwide and are easy to clean.

  • 500 g kibble capacity for dogs from 6 kg – 100 kg
  • prolongs a dog´s eating period up to 6 times and longer
  • made from High Impact ABS. Human food grade.
  • long lasting and extremely brake proof
  • locally made in South Africa and 100% environmentally friendly

All of dogMA´s products involve as many previously disadvantaged people as possible and support feeding projects for children and animals in the townships. Education is also a big part of dogMA´s philosophy. A minimum of 5% of all the proceeds is donated to help the less fortunate.